Summer 2024 Academic-Based Camp
​​​​​​​Premier ESL Learning Experience in Toronto

Summer 2024 is hotter and more unforgettable for your beloved child!
​​​​​​​"Explore, Learn, and Grow: Join the Summer 2024 Academic-Based Camp in Toronto!"

Immerse your child in a summer of dynamic English learning and cultural exploration with the "Summer 2024 Academic-Based Camp," expertly managed by Radsam Education Agency in collaboration with Toronto's elite private schools. This two-week program offers a rich blend of academic instruction and hands-on learning, set against the backdrop of Toronto's most famous landmarks.

Academic Excellence in a Vibrant City Setting!

At the Summer 2024 Academic-Based Camp, your child will enhance their English skills through structured ESL classes while experiencing daily cultural tours that bring learning to life. Each outing—from the historic University of Toronto to the soaring heights of the CN Tower—is designed to solidify their language skills in real-world contexts, all within a nurturing and safe environment.

About Radsam Education Agency

"Your Trusted Partner in Premier Educational Experiences"

Radsam Education Agency is dedicated to providing high-quality educational programs beyond traditional learning environments. By partnering with top-tier private schools, we ensure that the Summer 2024 Academic-Based Camp meets rigorous academic standards and safety protocols, offering a supportive and enriching experience that parents trust and children love.

Inspiring Success Stories from Our Camp

Ophilia’s Discovery: A local Toronto, Ophilia used the camp to deepen her understanding of her city and its diverse ecosystems. Her involvement in guided tours and interactive workshops at the Toronto Aquarium enhanced her presentation skills and scientific knowledge, all shared in a secure and supportive setting.

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Tom’s Transformation: Tom, visiting from Beijing, embraced the opportunity to enhance his English through practical applications. He gave a compelling presentation on Canadian architecture at the CN Tower, aided by the supportive environment of our reliable host families who provided a home away from home.

Maryam’s Journey: Maryam, a Canadian-Iranian teen from Guelph, fully immersed herself in the multicultural vibrancy of Toronto. Her stay with vetted Canadian families was safe and culturally enriching, inspiring her to apply to the University of Toronto, inspired by the academic excellence she observed.

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Spaces are limited and filling fast. Enroll your child today to guarantee their place in this unique educational adventure. With strict safety measures and a focus on rich educational outcomes, this camp is an opportunity not to be missed.

Summer Camp with RADSAM Education Agency

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