Immigration to Canada through study and work with Radsam

Immigration to Canada through study and work with Radsam is the fastest and best way to get permanent residency of one of the best countries in the world.

Education Immigration to Canada with Radsam

Radsam Education Agency is a federal corporation in Toronto, a member of ICEF, providing specialized immigration services to Canada through study and work, including choosing the most perfect school and program, applying to get admission from elementary school up to PhD. Degree, and arrange applicable accommodations, as well as Visitor, Work and student Visas, and after landing services to domestic and intenational students who wish to study in Canada as one of the most desirable educational destinations in the World.
Also, Radsam Education Agency is so proud for being the official representative of the most prestigious Canadian colleges, schools and universities such as Humber, Sheridan, Yorkville,  Toronto Film School and UCW.

By being the official representative of the most reputable Canadian Educational Institutions, RADSAM can help you to get 100% guaranteed admission.​​​​​​​

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Canada is a desirable destination​​ for immigrants 

Canada is the second largest country in the world with an area of about 10 million square kilometres and 37 million population.

The stable economy, efficient leadership, multicultural society, excellent education and health care systems, Human Rights and social freedom, safe environment, lowest crime and discrimination, high employment rate, free public health and fantastic life standards are only some of the unique advantages and attractive strength points to immigration to Canada.
Canada has always been among the top 10 countries in the world for education, work and life, and all Canada Govenments either from Liberal or Conservative party have always paid special attention to attracting immigrants, especially educated and skilled people.

With Radsam, the dream of immigration to one of the best countries in the World and having a bright future will be easily realized.
Immigration to Canada through study and work with Radsam

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The high rate and dozen positive Google reviews are demonstrating the reputation, customer service and quality of services of Radsam.
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How do I start to immigrate to Canada?

The first and most important step for succeeding in immigration to Canada through study is to get accurate and up to date information from a dedicated expert Education consultant.
If you only want to obtain a general information about how to immigrate to Canada through study, we will suggest read our blog free of charge.
But if you are more serious and would like to know what is the most suitable choice with the best fit to your situation including the most affordable cities, programs and institutions, as well as admission, scholarships and study permit conditions, it is highly recommended to book a personal appointment.

Important note:
RADSAM does not have any representative and only Toronto office is authorized to give advice and charge the clients. Please verify through the email address before trust. Otherwise, you would be the direct sole responsible for any probable issues.

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Guaranteed Canada Visa?!

The sole authorized party to approve or refuse any visa applications is the esteemed Visa Officer of Canada Embassy, and NOBODY can guarantee the visa result as it is a totally illegal, unethical and unprofessional action, and Radsam never ever gives this guarantee to any clients.
Guaranteeing Canada Visa is only a deceptive promise. Please be advise before trust.

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