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The unique advantages and benefits of study in Canada for a minor student (the ultimate guide of Canadian schools in 2020)


Many parents plan to send their children to Canada to continue their education and create a bright future for them. Study at Canadian schools from elementary school to high school is free for students with Canadian citizenship or Canada permanent residents. The country has one of the best education systems for its schools, and families who want to send their children abroad to study can make them successful by choosing Canada. Apart from the fact that your children will benefit greatly from studying in Canadian Schools, you yourself can also get some benefits. The benefit of study at Canadian Schools for students and their parents is a topic that Radsam Education Agency will address in the following.
If you are interested in studying in Canadian schools and would like to know the exact information about private and public schools, the cost of study in Canada, and admission requirements please keep reading.

Study in Canadian Schools

Canada is one of the countries that pay special attention to its school education system. In fact, Canadian schools have always been among the best in the world. Many Canadians and some immigrants go to public schools to study, but many students, especially intenational or foreign students, tend to attend private schools because of the small group classes and paying more attention by teachers to improve the English language level.

Different Kinds of Schools in Canada

- Public Schools
- Private schools
- Private English Schools
- Private French Schools
- English and French schools
- Religious schools like Catholics

Advantages of Study in Canadian Schools

Studying in Canadian schools will make it easy for students to take advantage of the best and newest educational facilities in the world's top schools. One of the best features of study in Canadian schools is that your child can be fluent in both English and French because most schools in this country offer their education using one or both languages. By leaning these two languages, your child can achieve a very good job position in this country in the future. In addition, by leaning French and English, they will have a great chance to study at the best universities in Canada, without the need for stressful entrance exams.
Another benefit of study in Canadian schools is that you do not need an IELTS or TOEFL certificate. However, after the age of 18, a language certificate is required to enter Canadian Universities and colleges. However, students who have completed at least three years of study at a Canadian school can apply for admission to the best universities in Canada without the need for a language certificate. Therefore, the best age to study in Canada Schools is about ninth-grade or fifteen years old. This is a very significant and valuable advantage.

Other Advantages

- Very fast and easy admission to Canadian universities and even the best American or European universities with a Canadian diploma
- There are many interesting and attractive majors for education
- Cheap tuition fees at Canadian schools compared to similar countries, especially the United States and the United Kingdom
- Canada's School education system is one of the best in the world.
- After graduation from Canadian universities, students can obtain Canadian permanent residency, and even in the long-term run, they can help their parents obtain Canadian permanent residency through sponsorship programs.
- Experienced and trained teachers are used in Canadian schools.
- It is possible to obtain a Canada companion visa for the family member(s) with the possibility of visa status change.
- Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with the lowest crime rate. Therefore, a young student can continue his/her studies peacefully and away from any worries.

Affordable tuition fee

The cost of study in Canada at public schools is  $ 15,000 a year. Compared to American and European schools, and given the unique standards and advantages of the Canadian education system, this amount is reasonable for those who are looking to develop and make a bright future for their children. You may pay less money in some countries due to medium or poor educational standards, but be sure that these countries will not be able to provide you with many facilities and advantages, especially the high safety of and the educational standards of Canadian schools.
After applying for admission to Canadian Schools, foreign students should apply for a student visa if they intend to study Canadian Schools for more than six months. Parents can also apply for a visa with their child. It is also mandatory to introduce a friend or relative with Canada citizenship or permanent residency as a custodian to Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC). But if you don't have any friends or relatives in Canada or they don't want to do it, don't worry, because fortunately, the RADSAM education agency is cooperating with schools that are responsible for your beloved child and accept to be the custodian.

Another advantage of study in Canada schools is that it is cheaper than all English-speaking countries. The tuition fee of Canadian schools is determined based on many criteria such as whether they are public, private or boarding school, province or city where you are studying, the proximity of the school to downtown, facilities of the schools, teachers' experience and so on..

How to Register at Canadian Schools

The education system in most Canada provinces is semester-credit-based, so students can apply for both September and February. There are usually four courses offered each semester. However, in some cases, the student should pass the prerequisite English language course before the main courses.
To obtain admission from Canada public schools, documents should be submitted to the Admission Department of The Schools of Board, and the school will be allocated to the student based on the address of the custodian and the available capacity. But this is not the case with private schools, and you can choose the school you want.

Canadian School Advanced Education System

Canadian children should attend school for several years in accordance with the district law where they live. Some of the students should continue their education from 5 to 16 years old, on the other hand, some should study from 5 to 18 years old; schools in Canada begin in kindergarten and continue to 12th grade. Classes are usually held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., or from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and students are required to attend school from Monday to Friday.
Classes at Canada schools usually begin on the first Tuesday in September and they end at the beginning of July. It is interesting to know that most students eat their lunch at school. But there are also some schools that provide the best quality lunch for their students. The cost of these foods is much less than the city restaurants and fast foods.
The Canadian school education system is one of the best advantages for your beloved children. This educational system is currently one of the best in the world.

Accommodation of students while they are studying in Canada

Boarding School with on-campus residence services

Some Canadian private schools, such as the Convoy School in Barrie, north of Toronto, have dormitories with equipped rooms. The cost of students’ accommodation at a boarding school dormitory is $.000 to $.500 per month, depending on the requested facilities, such as three meals.
Since almost all public schools and many private schools do not have dormitories, it is very common for students to stay at homes of families who have been approved by the Ministry. This is a student accommodation known as a homestay. Therefore, your child becomes acquainted with the customs, traditions, and culture of Canada while he/she is studying in Canada, and they can improve their English level. The moral and health competence of these families is approved and they are committed to taking care of your child, as well as providing comfort, facilities, and food. The average cost of living at the homestay, depending on the city where you are studying, is $.000 a month.

Renting an apartment

f you are one of those parents who have obtained a Canada companion visa and on the other hand, your job allows you to accompany your child in Canada, one of the best options is to rent an apartment. Also, if you have friends or relatives in Canada whose child is studying here, you can jointly rent a house or apartment to divide the costs into two or three people.

The Final Word

Here are some tips about the advantages of study at Canadian Schools. Undoubtedly, studying in Canada can have a very bright future for your children. If you are looking for a country that has a high standard of education and superb safety, in addition to the proper living facilities, Canada can be the best option for your children.

Choosing a school is one of the most important steps for your child's success in education in Canada. Radsam education agency is the representative of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) with code 671, as well as the best private schools, and it can help you choose the most appropriate school, major, and city due to years of experience and expertise in education consultation.

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