Canadian Colleges Ultimate Guide 2020

The ultimate guide of Canadian colleges in 2020 is suggested by Radsam Education Agency to all domestic & intenational students who wish to study in Canada.
Colleges in Canada are offering the applied science, technology, and vocational programs, and are the best choice for the students who would like to enter the labor market and obtain a job as fast as possible.

By study in Canadian Colleges, you can improve your knowledge and skills at the same time, and at a very reasonable price.
Radsam Education Agency is the official representative of many reputable Canadian colleges such as Humber, Sheridan and Georgian colleges, and Toronto Film School. Therefore, we can 100% guarantee getting the college admission for you in the desired program.
If you are interested in leaning everything about Colleges in Canada, please keep reading this page. Let’s go!

Why college in Canada is highly on demand?

As mentioned in the beginning, Canadian colleges are offering practical programs based on the needs of the labor market.
So, Canadian employers are more interested in hiring college graduates. In such that way, the employment rate of Canadian colleges is over 95%. It sounds fantastic!
Additionally, the duration of college programs is short (between one and three years, and mostly two years).
Finally, the cost of study in Canadian colleges is much cheaper than in Universities.
Thus, both domestic and intenational students are preferring to study in Canada in colleges.
And as Radsam Education Agency is one of the limited providers of specialized services of study in Canada, fortunately, we could help thousands of students around the world to choose the most perfect program and college with the best fit for their needs.

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Canadian Colleges credentials

Here are the credentials and level of studies of colleges in Canada:
1.     2-year Diploma and 3-year advance Diploma: These credentials are equivalented to the Associate Degree, and are the best choices for the students aged between 18 and 23. The general admission requirements are to have a highschool Diploma with GPA score of 2.75 out of 4, and IELTS Academic with overall score 6, no bands less than 5.5. However, in many cases, Radsam can get the admission for you with less GPA and English test scores, even in some cases, we can get a conditional offer (admission with NO IELTS).
Therefore, if you desire to study in Canada and the only issue is to not have English language proficiency certificates like IELTS, no worries!
Radsam’s Education Consultants can help you as same as hundreds of other students.

2.     4-year Bachelor Degree:
Some colleges in Canada are offering joint Bachelor's Degree programs in collaboration with a University. But a few of the most reputable ones are authorized by the Ministry to offer the independent Bachelor's Degree programs with a cheaper tuition fee than university and more practical. For example, Bachelor programs in Business, especially Huma Resources, Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration at Georgian and Humber colleges are one of the most popular ones.
The general admission requirements of 4-year Bachelor's Degree programs at Canadian colleges are as same as Diplom and Advanced Diploma.

3.     1-2 year Graduate Certificates: This credential is in between the Bachelor and Master Degrees, and designed for the holders of a Bachelor's Degree who would like to attend a practical program to be prepared for entering to the job market rather than the theoretical academic courses. The Graduate Certificate programs are very limited and only a few colleges like Humber and Sheridan are offering them. The general admission requirements are to have a Bachelor Degree with GPA score 3 out of 4, and IELTS Academic with overall score 6.5. NO bands less than 6. As you see, the admission requirement is as same as the Master's Degree due to the high demand and competitiveness of this type of college program.

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Can I study in Canada colleges without IELTS?

Study in a Canadian college without an English language proficiency certificate like IELTS is called the conditional offer. A conditional offer means that the student should take one or more English language courses before the main c main college program.
The length of the prerequisite English course depends on the language level of the applicant studying at a Canadian college and varies from two months to one year. Each month of language classes at Canada colleges is as productive as attending language classes outside of Canada for six months to a year.
High standards and new methods of teaching English and the native teachers have significantly progressed your English language level in a short period of time. So, if you are applying to college and you can get an academic IELTS with a score of six or higher in three to six months, be sure to do so. But if you think it will take more than six months to get an academic IELTS certificate with a score of six or higher, it is recommended to save your money and time by getting the conditional offer from a Canadian college.

GPA score conditions to study in a Canadian college

Canadian colleges are more flexible than Canadian Universities in terms of GPA.
It is possible to study in Canada with a diploma or a Bachelor's degree with a GPA of 2.75 out of 4.
But naturally, the higher the student's grade point average, the greater the chances of getting admission from the best colleges in Canada, especially for specific, popular, and lucrative majors.

The semesters of colleges in Canada

Study in Canada in college is usually possible in the three semesters of fall, winter, and spring.
The fall semester begins in the first week of September.
Since the fall semester is the start of the educational year, it is usually possible for both domestic intenational students to get admission to all majors from all Canadaiancolleges.
However, because the fall semester is a busy season, it is recommended that intenational students apply for getting admission and submitting the Canada student visa application as soon as possible and a few months before the deadlines.
The winter semester starts in early January.
It is also possible to obtain admission to most majors for this semester. Except for some courses offered by some colleges only at the beginning of the educational year, the fall semester. For example, the Bachelor of Animation program at Sheridan College which is one of the most popular programs there is only offered in September, and on a very competitive basis.
And finally, the spring semester, which starts at the beginning of May. Education at colleges in the spring semester is more restrictive. Because only a series of courses are offered this semester. Of course, this restriction can also be considered an opportunity. Because the number of student visa cases is much lower and as a result, the chances of obtaining a visa are higher.

The admission deadlines of Canadian Colleges

Another important point is that Canada college deadlines for the three aforementioned semesters are usually about six months before the start of the semester. However, it is better to apply for admission and visa more confidently seven to eight months before the desired semester. This is because the process of obtaining admission to the college, as well as the process of preparing the necessary documents for obtaining a visa, may take a long time, the Esteemed Canada Visa Officer may reject your case due to lack of time.

The difference between public and private colleges

Colleges in Canada are classified into two types:
Public colleges
Private colleges

Being public or private does not mean a difference in tuition - although the cost of studying at Canada public colleges is cheaper than many private colleges, it means that intenational students studying at Canada public colleges are granted a post-graduation work permit.
Therefore, if you intend to study at a college in order to get Canada permanent residency, you should obtain admission from public colleges.
However, if you are a domestic student, studying in a private college can be a much better option due to a very shorter length and in some cases, a cheaper tuition fee. One of the most reputable and largest Canadian private colleges is Toronto Film School, the first-ranked film school in Canada and the eight one in the World including film production, Acting for Film, Animation, Video Game design and programming, Graphic design and fashion design programs in the heart of downtown of Toronto.

The required documents for studying in a Canadian college

All documents required for getting admission from colleges in Canada should be in English or be officially translated.
Here is the listing of the required admission documents:
Highschool Diploma and transcripts,
Bachelor's Degree and transcripts for the graduate certificate programs,
Passport (the first and all sealed pages),
English language proficiency Certificate if applicable,
CV (resume) in English,

All documents should be scanned with high and readable quality, and in PDF or JPEG formats, and email to or upload on your Radsam’s account.

The best colleges in Canada

Here are the listing of the best Canadian colleges located in Toronto, Ontario.

Humber College: It was established in 1967, with three campuses in Toronto, over 180 programs, and over 75000 Students. Radsam has been representing Humber College since 2017. Humber College is great for Business, Management, Computer, and Technology fields.

Sheridan College: It was established in 1967 and has three campuses in Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville, with 130 programs and over 40000 Students. Sheridan is one of the best Canadian Colleges for Engineering and Art fields.

Georgian College:
It is located in Barrie, North of Toronto, with seven beautiful campuses. Georgian is well-known because of offering COOP based programs, with a strong network with companies and organizations to refer the students for intenship.

And Radsam is so proud to be the official representative of those Colleges.

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