Study at one of the best Canadian Colleges, Humber College 

Do you know that Humber College in Toronto is the largest polytechnic with three highly equipped campuses, 200+ various Diploma, Bachelor, and Graduate Certificate programs, with over 20,000 students from 130 countries?

As the official representative of this prestigious institution, we are willing to get admission for a limited number of eligible intenational students with NO SERVICE FEE, even with NO 75$ APPLICATION FEE.

This wonderful offer is only valid until February 15, for May and September semesters.

Am I qualified?

If you are seriously interested in getting admission to one of the best Canadian colleges, Humber College in Toronto, through Radsam Education Agency 100% free of charge, please fill out the below form which takes two minutes. Our experts will check your eligibility and get back to you via email in two business days:


Did you study a 2-year or more post-secondry program in English?

Have you had any previous Canadian student or visitor visa refusal?

Dear valuable applicant, Thanks for submitting the request. Our Education Consultants will assess your eligibility and will contact you within two business days if you are qualified. Radsam Education Agency, The official representative of Humber College

Are you looking for studying in the most desirable educational destination in the World, Canada at one of the most reputable public colleges?

Radsam Education Agency helps qualified students who wish to study in Canada to get admission from one of the best Canadian colleges, Humber College, in the shortest possible time and free of charge.

اتصال به واتس اپ پشتیبان

اطلاعات با موفقیت ثبت شد.

بعد از ثبت اطلاعات به واتس اپ پشتیبان متصل خواهید شد.

مبلغ سی دقیقه مشاوره برای هموطنان داخل ایران 113 دلار کانادا می‌باشد. لطفا با ادمین رادسام نرخ دلار را استعلام نموده و فیش واریز یا اسکرین شات پرداخت را در واتساپ جهت هماهنگی اولین زمان مشاوره ارسال نمایید. 
درصورتیکه سوالات زیاد است لطفا دو تایم سی دقیقه‌ای رزرو نمایید.

اطلاعات حساب بانکی شرکت رادسام جهت رزرو مشاوره اختصاصی:
بانک دی به نام آرزو اخوان بیطرف/ محمدرضا شفابخش نظام
شماره کارت:
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