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Study in Canada at Yorkville University through Radsam Education Agency which is of the largest private Canadian Universities with a $10,000 scholarship.
Yorkville University was founded in 2003 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and currently has three campuses in major cities: Toronto in Ontario province, Vancouver in British Columbia province, and Fredericton.

The programs of Yorkville University at the Toronto campus

- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Project Management
- Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

The programs of Yorkville University at Vancouver campus

- Bachelor of Business Administration
- Bachelor of Project Management
- Bachelor of Energy Management
- Bachelor of Supply Chain Management
- Bachelor of Accounting

Online programs of Yorkville University

- Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
- Master of Education in Adult Education
- Master of Education in Educational Leadership
- Leadership in Leaning
- Educational Administration

- Bachelor of Business Administration
   + General (Without Specialization)
   + Accounting
   + Energy Management
   + Project Management
   + Supply Chain Management
- Bachelor of Interior Design
- Interior Decorating Associate Diploma

Reasons and benefits of admission to Yorkville University through Radsam education agency

- Possibility of obtaining Canada admission without IELTS,
- One of the most important issues for intenational students applying to study in Canada is to receive an IELTS or TOEFL English language certificate as a prerequisite for admission to most colleges and universities,
- Radsam education agency's solutions for applicants who want to study in Canada without an English language certificate,

During the meetings with the senior managers of this university, with the explanation of these cases, fortunately, we reached a very suitable solution for the applicants for admission to Canada without a language certificate.
A prerequisite for admission at Yorkville University is to have an academic IELTS certificate with a score of 6, in a way that the score of the four skills should not be less than 5.5
However, it is possible for Radsam education agency’s students to be admitted to Yorkville University without a language certificate.

Possibility to get $ 10,000 scholarship

Fortunately, Radsam education agency, as Key Partner and one of the Top Agents since July 2019, is allowed to grant $ 10,000 scholarships to eligible students.
Yorkville University is allocating a budget to Radsam education agency each semester to grant applicants a scholarship based on their qualifications.

Advantages of Yorkville University Scholarship

Saving in expenses

Radsam $ 10,000 VIP scholarship is deducted from the entire tuition fee and is divided into the number of semesters.
In a way that almost a thousand dollars is reduced from the cost of studying in Canada every single semester, which is a significant allowance.

Increasing the chance of Canada student visa

Inserting a letter of scholarship from Yorkville University into a visa file can be a very positive factor in attracting the opinion of the Esteemed Canada Visa Officer for the issuance of a student visa.

Am I eligible to obtain the admission and $ 10,000 scholarship?
You can submit your request through the RADSAM application form.
Radsam education agency's education consultants will contact the qualified ones.

Practical and short course programs

Yorkville’s programs are offered in small group classes and the training is practical and project-oriented, based on the needs of the Canadian job market. So that:
The employment rate for graduates of Yorkville University is more than 90%. Which sounds great!

Also, the length of the َniversity's undergraduate programs is about three years instead of four.
Although the intensity of the course is quite optional, it is a competitive advantage and added value for both domestic and intenational students.

There is no need to pay the application fee for the RADSAM education agency’s students

Getting the admission from almost all Colleges and Universities in Canada requires the payment of the application fee or the cost of reviewing the admission file by the educational institution. A fee between $ 75 to $ 250 should be paid by credit card to college or university and is non-refundable under any circumstances.
The cost of reviewing a file or application fee at Yorkville University is $ 75 plus $ 100, which is the cost of the online English language level test for applicants for admission without a language certificate ($ 175 in total). But the good news is that RADSAM education agency's students are exempt from paying $ 175 for the application fees.

This competitive advantage, in addition to the $ 10,000 scholarship, have motivated both domestic and intenational students to apply for getting Yorkville University admission through RADSAM Education Agency.
In addition to the dozens of intenational students who apply for admission directly through Radsam education agency, a large number of immigration offices and Education Agencies also prefer to make the process of accepting their clients through the RADSAM education agency's channel.

Short admission process for Radsam education agency’s students

It usually takes one month to get admission from most Canadian Colleges and Universities. Fortunately, due to the excellent communication between the admission department of Yorkville University and RADSAM education agency, the letter of admission of students introduced by Radsam education agency will be issued within 3 to 10 working days.

Possibility to get a spousal open work permit

Intenational students applying to study at Yorkville University can apply for spousal Open Work Permit after obtaining a student visa and starting classes. This means that if you are studying at Yorkville University, in addition to being legally allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week, if you are married, your spouse can also work be full-time (usually 40 hours per week) with a base salary of $ 14 per hour in Toronto, and most of the living expenses and sometimes a part of tuition fee for education in Canada is covered. In addition, after receiving a spousal open work permit, you can also benefit from your children's free education in Public schools. However, it is the sole authority of Canada esteemed Visa Officers to approve or refuse any visa applications, and nobody can guarantee any visa as it is a fully illegal action.​

Possibility of transferring academic credits

Usually, for transferring the academic credits of the students with a university degree, such as an associate diploma, bachelor degree, master degree, and Ph.D., they need to transfer credits through competent institutions such as WES and ICAS, which requires about $ 200 to spend and a few months to complete the process. While the department of admissions at Yorkville University committee assesses your credential in person and transfer the credits which save your money and time. The cost of each credit at this university is about five hundred dollars. For example, if your 15 credits are accepted, you will save $ 7,500 in total tuition and about six months in time.

The maximum Post-graduation work permit

Graduates of colleges and universities in Canada are granted one to three years post-graduation work permit (depending on the length of the program). And fortunately, Yorkville University is subject to maximum post-graduation work permit i.e. three years. This means that three years after studying in Canada, you still have the opportunity to stay and work. Your spouse and children under the age of 18 also benefit from a work permit and free education in public schools.

A very Cheap tuition fee

Study in Canada is cheaper than in any other English-speaking country in the world, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Yorkville University tuition, meanwhile, is about 40% cheaper than most Canadian universities. For example, a Bachelor's degree in business administration at the University of British Columbia, a Canadian public university, costs about $ 30,000 a year. While studying in the same field at Yorkville University of Canada is about $ 20,000 a year.

OSAP approved

Also, all programs at Yorkville University are approved by The Ministry to grant the Financial Aids/ Supports to domestic students who have Canadian permanent residency or Citizenship. It means that the whole tuition fee will be covered by a long-term and very low rate student loan. RADSAM helps domestic students to apply for those Govenmental student loans and be approved.

The maximum point of study in Canada in the Express Entry System

Applicants for Canada permanent residency through education are granted between 15 to 30 points at the Express Entry System. Fortunately, the top point of studying at Yorkville University is to obtain the maximum point of study in Canada (30 points) equal to study a Master's or Ph.D. Degree. This advantage is so helpful for increasing the chance of getting Canada Permanent Residency.​

The semesters of Yorkville University

Canada universities usually accept intenational students for one of the semesters in September (Fall) and January (winter). Some Canadian Universities even accept admissions only for the start of the educational year in the fall semester, which can reduce the chances of applicants getting admission. But fortunately, Yorkville University admits four times a year. This means that for all four seasons of spring (April), summer (July), Fall (October) and winter (January), we can get admission for you.

The admission requirements of Yorkville University

- Having Highschool Diploma with GPA score of 2.75 out of 4 for Bachelor Degree programs,
- Having a Bachelor Degree with GPA score of 2.75 out of 4 for Master Degree programs,
- IELTS Academic with overall score 6, no bands less than 5.5,

Documents required for admission to the Yorkville University

- Passport (first page plus all stamped pages),
- Highschool Diploma and Transcripts,
- University Degree and Transcripts if applicable,
- English Language Certificate if applicable,
- CV in English,
- Statement of purpose (SOP).

All documents should be approved by an official translation office. Also, documents should be scanned in high-quality PDF or JPEG format and emailed to info@radsam.ca.


If you are looking to study in Canada without a language certificate,
with admission to a Canada university that its chance for the visa is higher
If you want to get $ 10,000 scholarship of Radsam education agency,
Without paying the application fee,
You will be entitled to three-year post-graduation work permit and the maximum points for permanent residency of study in Canada in Express Entry CRS system,
If you are a domestic student looking for a program for entering to the Canada job market, or you would like to promote the current job position, and interested in getting the Govenmental student loans with a very low rate and long-term payment after the graduation,
One of the best options we offer you is to study at Yorkville University

Am I eligible for Canada admission to Yorkville University and a $ 10,000 scholarship?
Please take just one minute to complete the application form.
RADSAM’s education consultants will contact the qualified ones.

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