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Study in Canada Colleges:
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Study in Canada is one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to become a permanent resident of this country.

Study in Canada Colleges is so affordable:

The tuition fee of Canadian educational institutions is the lowest range among the English spoken countries while the tuition fee of study in Canada Colleges is more affordable than the Universities. Therefore, Colleges in Canada are the most popular way among international students all over the world.
The average tuition fee of study in Canada Colleges for the English courses is $3,200 and the main programs are around $7,500 per semester. While the tuition fee for studying in the American, British and Australian Colleges is much more expensive than those amounts. 

High employment rate:

Study in Canada Colleges has a very high employment rate due to offering practical programs. Canadian Colleges provide this opportunity for international students to enhance their knowledge and skills at the same time. So, the Canadian employers are more interested in hiring the College graduates 

Short term study:

The Canadian Colleges are offering intensive programs. The duration of most Colleges' programs is two years. However, the length of the College's programs varies from one year up to three years. Even, some of the prestigious Colleges like Humber id offering the 4-year Bachelor degree programs which are cheaper and more applicable than the University Bachelor degree programs.

Can I get the admission from the colleges without the English Language Proficiency?
Study in Canada Colleges requires IELTS Academic with the overall skills 6.0. Even, in some cases such as the Post-Graduate certificates, the scores increase to 6.5. But if you do not have the English Language Proficiency certificate like IELTS and TOEFL with the required score, don't worry RADSAM can help you to get the conditional offer. It means to take pre-requisites English courses prior to the main program which could be very helpful to boost your English Language level.

Study in Canada Colleges with RADSAM fast and easy!

RADSAM Education & Immigration Agency is the official representative of the most reputable Colleges like Humber and Sheridan. 

Can I legally work while I am studying in Canadian Colleges?
Fortunately yes. You can work 20 hours per week. Also, if you want to study in Canada Colleges as a married international student, your spouse or common-law can work full time during your work studies. 
Therefore, there is no concerns about living costs while you are studying in Canada.

Study in Canada requires many core competencies, qualifications, knowledge, and expertise. It is a very elegance field and a few companies are specifically practicing in this area. And we are proudly announcing that RADSAM Education & Immigration Agency is one of those qualified companies, the official representative of so many Canadian reputable Schools, Colleges and Universities such as Humber, Sheridan, and Yorkville. Therefore, RADSAM is one of your best choices to study in Canada Colleges

Here are the sub-specialized RADSAM services to Study in Canada Colleges:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​Consultation to choose the most perfect program as well as the best public or private College
Preparing and submitting the College application forms to get the admission
Applying to get the study permit for the student as well as the visitor visa for the spouse and minor children
Applying to get the applicable accommodations such as financial aids, on-campus/off-campus housing and health insurance

The success rate of the RADSAM Education & Immigration Agency for getting the College admission is 100% and the study permit is 75%. It sounds great! If you are interested in studying in the Canadian Colleges, please contact RADSAM now and brush up your future.

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