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Study in Canada is one of the fastest, best and most affordable ways for becoming the permanent resident of one of the safest and most desirable countries in the world. Studying in Canada is more affordable than the same countries like US, UK, Australia, and Switzerland.
Studying in Canada is one of the most important decisions during your life and getting the right, accurate and up to date information from a dedicated education consultant can help to choose the most perfect program and institution with the best fit for your situation. 
Study in Canada is a specialized area with so many complexities and elegances. So, only a few companies are specifically focused on this field and RADSAM is one of them.

Here are some of the specialized RADSAM's consultation services to study in Canada:

- Getting admission from schools and Colleges Universities;
- Assisting to get the study permit from Grade 1 up to a Ph.D. degree;
- Assisting to get Canada visitor visa;
- Visa extension / renewal;
- Applying for the open work permit for the spouse of the student;
- Applying for the study permit for the minor children of the student;
- Applying to get the post-graduation work permit (PGWP), and
- Applying to become the permanent resident as an international student.

RADSAM is offering a specialized consultation to study in Canada in two following methods:

1- Free consultation by responding to the three main questions via email within three business days;
2- Private consultation thorough Skype, telephone or attending at Toronto office. This method requires to arrange an appointment.

Great News!
RADSAM consultation will be free:
The consultation fee for each 30 minutes session thorough Skype, Telephone or attending at Toronto office is 100 Canadian Dollars. But, if you sign the agreement with RADSAM for the above-said services within one week after the consultation session, that fee would be waved, and the valuable advice will be free.

As RADSAM is experiencing a high volume of the assessment forms and in-process admission and visa applications, we are unable to respond to the inquiries without filling out the RADSAM assessment form. So, if you are interested in getting a fast reply from one of our education or immigration experts, it is recommended to fill out the following assessment form:

Study in Canada RADSAM assessment form

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