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RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency helps the international students who are interested in studying in one of the most desirable educational designations in the World, Canada, and take advantage of the standard education system of this country.
RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency is an international student Specialist.
As the international student field has some complexities and elegances from one hand, and this area of practice requires deep knowledge and proven expertise from the other hand, there are a very few companies which are only focused on the Education Immigration or International Students Immigration, and we are so glad and proud to inform you that RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency is one of those few companies in Toronto, Canada.
Company overview:
RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency is a Federal Corporation, located at 7181 Yonge St., Unit 186, Thornhill, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Province, Canada. The company legal name is RADSAM Trade Inc. with the Federal Corporation Number 9812148, and the Ontario Business Registration Name RADSAM Canadian Education, Immigration & Employment Agency.
Also, the company is a registered ICEF Education Agency, verifiable through:
Canada Federal Corporation And ICEF Websites.
The Directors:
​​​​​​​The Directors of RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency are Dr. Pouya Shafabakhsh (President and CEO) and his wife, Mrs. Arezou Akhavan Bitaraf (Executive Director), and they are both the Qualified Education Counselors with over 10 years work experience in the Education industry.​​​​​​​

Study in Canada with RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency

RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency​​​​​​​

RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency
RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency

      The reputation is not coming overnight!Company Honors:
​​​​RADSAM Education & Immigration Agency is the official representative of the most reputable Canadian schools, colleges, and universities:
1. Yorkville University of Toronto and Vancouver campuses with $.0,000 Bursary
2. Humber College
3. Sheridan College
4. University Canada West with $.0,000 Bursary 
5. CDI College of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal campuses
5. EverGreen College
6. Century Private School with up to $.0,000 Bursary 
7. Lowell Academy High School with up to $4,000 Bursary
8. Convoy International Secondary Academy with two campuses and 24 hours student's dormitory 

We are so pride in being their official representative and try to do our best for taking care of the above-mentioned valuable assets.​​​​​​​

 The company services:
RADSAM Education & Immigration Agency is offering the following specialized services to who may wish to study in Canada:
1. Applying to get School, College and University admissions from Grade 1 of the primary school up to Master Degree.
2. Applying to get the applicable accommodations such as the scholarships, funds and on-campus/ off-campus housing.
3. Applying to get the Study Permit of Canada.
4. Applying to get the Visitor Visa for the parents of a minor child or the spouse and children of a college or university student.
5. Applying for Canada Work Permit for the spouse of the international student.
6. Renewing Visitor Visa, Study and Work Permits.
7. Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)
8. Training job finding and career skills.​​​​​​​

Study in Canada as an international student with RADSAM​​​​​​​
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RADSAM Canadian Education & Immigration Agency

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