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Canada Radsam Education Agency -your success gateway for studying in Canada

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Empowering your educational journey in Canada with expert guidance and personalized services of Radsam Education Agency

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Unlock your potential and achieve academic success in Canada with Radsam Education Agency.

Company Overview:

Welcome to Canada Radsam Education Agency, a federal company based in Toronto with Corporation No. 981214-8m a proud recognized member of ICEF as a Qualified Canadian Education Consulting company, specializing in providing exceptional services for studying in Canada. With our professional and friendly approach, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of studying in one of the world’s leading education destinations.

Our Unique Value Proposition:

At Canada Radsam Education Agency, we stand out from the competition through our unwavering commitment to personalized attention and our extensive network of reputable Canadian educational institutions like Humber, Sheridan, Toronto Film School, Yorkville, UCW and so on. With our wealth of experience and successful track record, we are your trusted partner in navigating the educational immigration process.


Our mission at Canada Radsam Education Agency is to empower individuals from all walks of life to access quality education in Canada. We provide expert guidance, personalized services, and unwavering support to make the educational immigration journey seamless and rewarding.


Our vision is to be the premier Canadian education agency, renowned for our commitment to excellence and our ability to transform lives through education. We aim to empower students to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities and the world.


Assist students in finding the best educational institutions and programs that align with their aspirations and goals.Provide comprehensive and reliable services that simplify the application and admission process.Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports students throughout their educational journey in Canada.Facilitate the integration of international students into Canadian society and culture.Maintain strong partnerships with reputable Canadian schools, colleges, and universities to offer a diverse range of quality educational options.

Our Story:

difference in their lives.

Our Services:

At Canada Radsam Education Agency, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each student:

Education consultation and guidance:

Personalized advice and assistance in choosing the right educational institution and program.

Application and admission assistance:

Streamlined support throughout the application and admission process.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing and CV development:

Professional assistance in crafting compelling SOPs and impressive CVs.

Canada student visa and spousal work permit applications:

Expert guidance in navigating the visa application process.

Study plan development:

Tailored study plans to help students achieve their academic goals.

Assistance in finding reputable conferences and expos for Canada Visitor Visa purposes:

Support in identifying relevant events to enhance your educational journey.

Success Stories and Testimonials:

Discover the inspiring stories of our students who have achieved their educational goals in Canada with the support of Canada Radsam Education Agency. Read their testimonials on our website and see firsthand the positive impact we have had on their lives.

Private Consultation:

Book a private consultation with our professional advisors to discuss your educational goals, explore program options, and receive personalized guidance on your journey to studying in Canada.

Free Assessment Form:

Take the first step towards your educational aspirations by filling out our free assessment form on our website. Our team will review your information and contact qualified applicants within five business days.

The reputation is not eaned ovenight


  1. RADSAM Education agency is proudly the official representative of:
    1. Humber College of Technology and Advanced Leaning
    2. Sheridan College
    3. Yorkville University 
    4. University Canada West (UCW)
    5. Toronto Film School (TFS)
    6. Toronto District School Board (TDSB).
    7. CDI College.
    8. EverGreen College of Toronto.
    9. Century School 
    10. Lowell Academy School 
    11. Convoy Intenational Academy

It is recommended that you choose only a company that you trust in its expertise, experience, and honesty in the crucial path of studying in Canada. Trust can be achieved through the accreditation of the relevant legal authorities.

You can accredit Radsam education agency through the Federal Corporation of Canada and the ICEF website.

Radsam’s policy (please read before taking any action)
Accreditation through the official website of the Federal Corporation of Canada
ICEF membership accreditation

The right choice requires getting the right information and following the latest updates. First of all, your situation should be carefully examined by a professional education consultant. Next, the most perfect school and program for your situation would be suggested.

RADSAM does not have any representation and only Toronto office is authorized to give advice and charge the clients. Please verify through the email address info@radsam.ca before trust. Otherwise, you would be the direct sole responsible for any probable issues.