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It is recommended to review the terms, conditions, and policy of Radsam Education Agency the provider of specialized services of study in Canada.

To facilitate and expedite the provision of services and save your valuable time, the terms, conditions, and policies of our company are clearly written in this page.

A- Information on the education consultant:
Radsam education agency, a specialized education service provider in Canada
Legal entity Name: RADSAM Trade Inc.
Federal Registration Number: 9812148
President and CEO: Mr. Mohammadreza Shafabakhsh
Chairman of the Board: Ms. Arezou Akhavan Bitaraf
The legal name in Ontario: RADSAM Education, Immigration & Employment Agency
Office address: 38, Troon Ave, Maple, Ontario, Canada L6A4Z2
Radsam education agency has no other office, representative and agency
Phone: 001-647-686-0102
Whatsapp: 001-416-970-3714
Business hours: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Toronto time (EST)
Social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Aparat): CanadaRadsam

B- Consultation:

1- In order to better serve you, it is recommended to submit your situation to our Education Consultants through the Free quote session before taking any actions.
2- The education consultant will answer applicants who are willing to study in Canada in the form of a personal one by one 30-minute counseling session via Skype, Phone, Whatsapp, or in person at the Toronto Office for $ 100.
3- The consultation fee that can be transferred to TD Canada Trust account through electronic transfer to info@radsam.ca email or Paypal: radsamtrade@gmail.com
4- If the applicant decides to order one of Radsam’s services within one month after the consultation session, the consulting fee will be deducted from the original service fee.
5- The information provided to the applicant through free or personal and/ or group consultations as general information based on the current regulations of the Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) and the applicant is responsible for how it is used and implemented.
6- Due to the high number of free or one by one consultation requests, as well as a large number of ongoing cases, we are sorry for answering the questions of those who have not completed the consultation request form.
7- The consultation request form should be completed correctly so that the education consultants can provide more detailed information to the applicant.

C- Admission:
1- Radsam education agency can get admission for some special majors without language certificate since the agency is the representative of some colleges and universities. But it is very limited and only applicable to a few applicants.
2- It is almost impossible to get admission for the graduate program without IELTS Academic 6.5 or higher and GPA score over 3 out of 4 in most cases. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the admission requirements of Master and Ph.D. Degrees and try to obtain those requirements.
3- The application fee of reviewing the admission documents by schools, colleges, and universities is between $100 to $500 depends on the institution and is NON-REFUNDABLE in ANY cases. You can pay it to Radsam Education Agency, and we pay to the institution on your behalf or pay directly.
4- Documents related to admission should be scanned in PDF or jpeg format and sent to info@radsam.ca. We do not accept files or any other submitting methods EXCEPT email or RADSAM.ORG client portal. Also, all documents should be in English or officially translated.
5- Tuition for one academic year (for schools) and at least one semester (for colleges and universities) should be deposited in the account of the educational institution to finalize the admission and issue the letter of acceptance. This amount is deposited in trust to the educational institution and if the student visa is rejected, it will be refunded to the applicant by deducting an amount as administrative fee according to the refund criteria mentioned in the letter of acceptance or the website of the educational institution (Refund Policy). This is the sole and direct responsibility of the applicant to review the deposit and refund policies of the educational institution carefully and pay the amount in a timely manner and before the deadline. If the admission will be canceled because of the payment delay, no service fee will be refunded by the Education Consultant to the applicant.
6- Education Consultant is dedicated to keeping the received document from the applicant safe and secure and only use for the admission purpose. Those documents and the status will not be disclosed to someone else, even the immediate family members unless he or she is authorized by the applicant in writing.
7- It is the sole and direct responsibility of the applicant to provide valid and accurate documents, and any probable legal issues because of sending the inaccurate or invalid documents to the institutions will only be applicable to the applicant.
8- The applicant is fully aware of spending the costs of living and studying in Canada from personal financial resources and the education consultant has never ever promised that the govenment of Canada or the educational institution is assisting the applicant with financial matters.
9- The applicant is fully aware that job search and employment requires a legal Canada work permit. At the same time, employment depends on the individual skills and ability of the English-speaking of the job seeker, and there is no guarantee for this anywhere in the world.
10- The applicant is fully aware that changing Canada immigration regulations, as well as the consequences of political relations between govenments, natural disasters, diseases, war, and any other pandemic events are inevitable, unpredictable, and out of control. Therefore, it is obvious that the responsibilities of the education consultant for the services are determined based on the current conditions and rules, and in case of force majeure cases, there is no objection to the education consultant and it is not possible to refund the money. Services can only be postponed to the time after Force Majeure.
11- All matters, including providing consultation, making a contract, receiving fee, preparing, and submitting an application, should be done directly by the education consultants of the Toronto office (Dr. Shafabakhsh or Mrs. Akhavan Bitraf). This company does not have any representatives or agents. Therefore, the applicant will be responsible for any financial and legal problems and damages caused by trusting these people without inquiring from the Toronto office via info@radsam.ca. It is suggested to accredit people who introduce themselves as a partner or representative of Radsam education agency before trusting them and to avoid possible problems, otherwise, the Toronto office has no responsibility for the problems caused by the applicant's trust in these people.

D- Terms of Termination of the contract:
1- If the applicant decides to cancel the service and terminate the contract/invoice during the admission process, the education consultant can only stop the continuation of the services. However, the applicant will not be reimbursed and no amount will be refundable.
2- If the education consultant notices the inaccurate and invalid documents and information submitted by the applicant during the implementation of the services, the education consultant is completely authorized and allowed to unilaterally terminate the contract with the right not to retun the fee received. By serving the services written in the sent invoice to the applicant, all responsibilities and commitments between the Education Consultant and applicant will be terminated, and any other additional services require a newly written confirmation, and paying the service and application fees.

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